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How CFOs are Fine-Tuning Their Approach to Remote Work

In the absence of in-person meetings and impromptu chats around the coffee machine, leaders have to strike a balance between flexibility and supportive management, with some industry analysts warning that rigorous monitoring of remote workers’ productivity is “pointless” and can lead to toxic work cultures


Zonos is Hiring a Remote Social Media Coordinator!
Zonos is seeking a Social Media Coordinator to manage and build a content strategy across all of their social media platforms. They are looking for a creative storyteller with a knack for SaaS and B2B, who is able to drive results and measure impact.


‚ÄčRemote Work is the Cruel New Ally in the War on Working Moms
"The pandemic has reversed decades of progress toward a semblance of gender equity," says a Slack senior director, who is calling on leaders to design more inclusive post-COVID-19 workplaces. Hint: The ROI program can help with this in our leadership program, apply for the next course that starts May 3, 2021.


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