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Information Security: Keeping Yourself and Your Business Safe

When: Wed, June 1, 2022 | 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM MDT

What: James King, Senior Vice President of Corporate Security at MasterCard, will teach you how to avoid data security breaches, scams, and viruses.


  • Common data and security threats
  • How to avoid data breaches
  • Ways to avoid identity theft
  • What to do if your information is stolen
Where: Online via Zoom

ROI Success Story

"I wanted to let you know that I will be working primarily as a remote worker next school year. I will be working at a charter school in a new position that is remote based. Thank you to the ROI team!"
                                                                                 -Murice M.

ROI Student Highlight

"Hello, my name is Michelle Cook, and I've just recently moved to Hurricane, Utah. I have lived in many places throughout my life, primarily due to being part of a military family. And now, after sixteen years of homeschooling my four girls and moving here to Utah, I've decided it's finally time to start looking for an opportunity to get back into the workforce. Three of my girls are all grown up now, and my youngest is starting high school this fall, so it just feels like the right time for me to do something for myself. 

During my time as a homeschooling mother, I found my passion in writing. I have published a couple of books over the last eight years, and I'm looking forward to incorporating those skills into whatever remote job I find. I was lucky enough that my husband noticed an ad for the Certified Remote Work Professional course on Instagram. I signed up right away, and after having been through most of the course now, I feel confident that I will find a remote job in a field that interests me. I never realized until now just how many legitimate remote jobs there are out there, and I'm feeling hopeful that an opportunity will present itself to me soon."
                                                                         -Michelle C.

Housing demand and remote work

What explains record U.S. house price growth since late 2019? In a recent article published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, researchers reported that the shift to remote work explains over one half of the 23.8% national house price increase from December 2019 to November 2021. Major takeaways from this study:

  • Remote work by itself has caused a 15% increase in US home prices between Dec. 2019 to Nov. 2021.
  • Because remote work allows employees the choice of where they want to live, it is fueling homebuyer migration.
  • Areas that were able to attract remote workers saw significantly higher house price growth over the pandemic.
  • The research suggests Miami and Phoenix are the top destinations for migrating homebuyers.
  • For every 1% increase in remote work in a particular area, house prices increased by almost 1%.
  • This trend is expected to continue for as long as remote work increases.


Protect yourself from scammers

Scammers often attempt to impersonate Amazon. Here are important clues to remember so that you can identify scams and keep your account and information safe:

  1. Never feel pressured to give information (such as your credit card number or account password) over the phone, especially if the call was unexpected. Scammers may try to use calls, texts, and emails to impersonate Amazon customer service. If you're ever unsure, it's safest to end the call/chat and reach out directly to customer support through the Amazon app or website.
  2. Never pay over the phone. Amazon will never ask you to provide payment information, including gift cards (or “verification cards”, as some scammers call them) for products or services over the phone.
  3. Trust Amazon-owned channels only. Always go through the Amazon mobile app or website when seeking customer support or when looking to make changes to your account.
  4. Be wary of false urgency. Scammers may try to create a sense of urgency to persuade you to do what they're asking. Be wary any time someone tries to convince you that you must act now.

For more information on how to stay safe online, or to report suspicious communications of potential scammers, visit the Amazon Customer Service page.


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