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Making Remote Work: Extension program boosts opportunities, salaries in rural Utah - is available from the Extension Foundation

This new publication shares the story of Utah State University’s Rural Online Initiative (ROI), a training and certification program launched in 2018 to boost the capacity of program participants to be effective remote workers. Since its launch, more than 300 rural residents have secured employment after completing the Master Remote Work Professional (MRWP) certificate course. It’s anticipated that several hundred additional MRWP graduates will find work this year.

Partner of the month

Brent is the Economic Development Director for Juab County. Part of his responsibilities include overseeing economic development within the county, which includes actively recruiting new corporations and helping existing corporations grow.

Brent has caught the vision and value of remote work and is frequently inviting people to take our remote work professional course as well as bringing our team to communities where our program would greatly serve the people of Juab County.

He has also served, or is serving, in various leadership roles in the community. Brent is nearly a lifetime resident of Juab County and has an impressive record of recruiting meaningful companies to the area and helping existing business meet their expansion needs.

Rural's rise: Shifting trends in rural and urban job postings

A new report from Emsi Burning Glass has found job postings from urban employers are more likely to allow for remote work. Since 2019 remote job postings in urban areas have grown 102% compared to only 14% in rural communities. This suggests that the jobs most likely to go remote are in urban areas—meaning "work anywhere" is opening the door to additional opportunities for those outside urban markets.

The do’s and don’ts of returning to the office: How to make a hybrid model work 🎙

It’s been two years since offices around the world were thrown into virtual environments to do their jobs, and now many leaders are itching to get everyone back in the office. But new evidence demonstrates that hybrid work can be good for people and organizations. On this podcast episode of WorkLife, Dr. Adam Grant brings an economist and a management expert to weigh in on the science of hybrid work, and make a road map to success in the modern (sometimes virtual) workplace.

Tweet of the Week from @AdamMGrant

You don't need people in the office every day.

The evidence is clear: hybrid work boosts productivity, creativity, well-being, and retention.

Great collaborations don't involve constant contact. They alternate between deep work and bursts of interaction.


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