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Partner of the month: Eva Timothy

We would like to thank and congratulate Eva Timothy, Professional Practice Extension Assistant Professor at USU Extension in Millard county. She has worked with homeless families, teens, and adults in addition to children with autism. She most recently worked as a supervisor and Family Advocate for Mountainland Head Start, Inc. She is now employed by USU Extension in Family & Consumer Sciences/4-H areas.

"I live in a rural community with limited access to well-paying jobs. After learning about the ROI program, I knew that it was something that I wanted to promote in my area because it provides greater access to jobs without forcing locals to move or commute long distances. In some cases, it allows rural residents to find higher-paying jobs than what is offered by local employers in my county. I believe the ROI program has the potential to help rural residents obtain greater financial security by providing them with increased access to a variety of job opportunities otherwise unavailable in their current place of residence."

Join the Center for Rural Development to learn more about the Rural County Grant Part A requirements.

When: Wed, May 11, 2022 | 10:00 AM – 11:00 PaM MDT

Where: Hosted via Zoom

What: Join the Center for Rural Development as they discuss reporting requirements for the Rural County Grant--Part A and how to access the report portal. Then, they will introduce new rural economic development programs and opportunities. The event will be hosted via Zoom so that you can join from anywhere.The webinar will discuss the following topics:

  • Rural County Grant Part A - Annual Report
  • An introduction to the new Rural Opportunity Program and its associated grants and revolving loan fund, and
  • REDTIF - the Rural Economic Development Tax Increment Finance


Skip that Zoom, make a Loom!

There are many other reasons to use video to support better team relationships and to improve the way you do business. From sharing screens to describe something in more detail to perhaps wishing someone luck when they go for an internal promotion.

7 habits of highly effective remote workers

How do you work remotely and still get all the production without sacrificing your work/life balance? Use these seven habits to help solidify your process to maximize the best of both worlds.


New research finds that the covert mixing of attire during remote work might not be psychologically optimal

In their first experiment, the researchers (Bailey et al., 2022) asked 177 participants to spend a workday wearing whatever they normally would, to provide a baseline. Each was then instructed to dress in three different ways, in random order, across the next three days: 
  1. In typical work attire, 
  2. Typical home attire, and 
  3. Work on top/home on bottom. 

Surveys at the end of each day revealed that participants felt more authentic in home attire than in work or mixed attire, and this led them to feel more engaged as well. 

In their second experiment taking place over two days, the researchers asked 238 people to: 
  • Dress as usual while working from home (on day 1) 
  • Dress in one of the three ways described above (on day 2) per a random assignment. 

Once again, those fully in home attire had the highest levels of authenticity and engagement. The symbolic meanings attached to particular types of clothing affect the wearer’s psychological state, the researchers indicated that promoting harmony when attire is appropriate for a given context and dissonance when it’s not. Ultimately, dressing to align with the context of home was more beneficial than aligning with the context of work.


Chevy targets remote workers

Chevy encourages remote workers to find new workspaces with ad for 2022 Silverado truck.


Tweet of the Week

Airbnb announces employees can live and work anywhere.

Read the full Twitter thread 🧵 about the 5 key features of Airbnb's work from anywhere plan


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