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Remote Jobs Spotlight

What: Learn about remote work opportunities directly from representatives from JG Consulting and other open remote jobs with ROI partners.

When: Wednesday, November 17, 2021 | 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM MDT

Where: Via Zoom


PSA: Widespread Remote Working Scam Underway

Scammers will post a job ad on a job board for a remote position, conduct an interview, and offer the fake job to the victim. The “employer” (scammer) congratulates them and says that they will provide all required furniture and office supplies. The scammer then sends the victim a check which they are told to cash, and they’re asked to immediately buy furniture from the scammer’s preferred supplier. In the cases investigated, the amount paid was several thousand US dollars. Learn more details to protect yourself.


LinkedIn's new job filters make it easier to find remote work

LinkedIn is introducing dedicated remote, hybrid and on-site search filters to help users on their next job hunt. You’ll see the labels when using the social network’s job search and Open to Work features.


Tweet of the Week


Rural County Grant Part B -- FY 2022

Application is now open!

Rural counties in the State of Utah of the third, fourth, fifth, or sixth class are eligible to apply. The Rural County Grant Part B: Competitive Award is grant funding, obtained by competitive application, which exceeds the $200,000 Part A: Annual Distribution, up to an overall amount not to exceed $800,000 per year for a single county. If a county receives a Part A Grant it may be eligible to receive not more than $600,000 in a Part B Grant in the same fiscal year.


For FY 2022 the total funding available for Part B is $1,750,000.

Please submit the Rural County Grant Part B: Competitive Award applications by visiting Open the Business Services tab and scroll down to Center for Rural Development. In the Rural County Grant Program tab open the link titled Rural County Grant Program Part B—FY 2022 Application. Those with portal access will be able to complete the application.Program information and instructions to successfully apply can be found here.

Applications Closure Date:  December 15, 2021


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