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New Podcast Episode: Interview With Bess Bennett 
Bess Bennett completed the Master Remote Work Professional certificate course and is expanding her work as a freelancer with the skills she gained through the course. In this interview, she tells us her story, including how she manages her homestead, works as a virtual assistant, and maintains her side hustle.

Tweet of the Week: The 5 Levels of Remote Work Autonomy

‘Working from home is not simply recreating what you were doing in the office in a “remote” setting’


Grow With Google (Job Searcher) - Digital Skills for Everyday Tasks 
What: Learn how to manage work and life tasks more effectively using Google tools. Whether you want to organize your priorities, create a meeting agenda, or communicate your progress in a presentation, these best practices and tasks will help boost your productivity.
When: February 1, 2021 8 am pst, 9 am mst, 10 am cst, 11 am est 
Cost: Free
Difficulty Level: Introductory
Products: Google Docs, Sheets, Slides
Instructor: Meghan McFall


Has COVID-19 Confirmed it’s Time to Make High-speed Internet a Public Utility?
COVID-19 has pushed hundreds of millions of Americans to rely on internet connectivity to do their jobs and engage their educations from home. The U.S. as a whole lags far behind when it comes to internet performance, price and availability. Industry experts say now is the time to rethink internet access and apply the same thinking, and support, that ensures other basic services.


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